Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are you having a Rainbow Day?

As you probably know GingerScraps has the "GingerScraps Buffett" an awesome assortment of mini-kits and other fun goodies that are released each month.  The theme and the color scheme are the same.  The designers go to work creating fun things so you will have an assortment of things to choose from all within  the same colors and theme.

Each piece is priced at $2, but the first weekend they are released they are half off, that means you can grab them for ONE DOLLAR!!!  You can take as much or as little as you want from the buffett and create your own collab- and if you get it while it is on sale you can fill up on all kinds of goodies!

The May Buffett theme is called "Puddle Jumpers," and when I ran with that theme I came up with this mini called Rainbow Day.
I think it turned out pretty cute!
Throughout the weekend it is only $1, that is half off the low regular price of $2!

Enjoy your Rainbow Day!!  :)

P.S. My Rustic Charm collection (the individual pieces) is in the GS Bake Sale today and are each $1 today only too!  You can find them in my shop, and the full kit is regularly priced at $5, so picking them individually today in the Bake Sale is a bargain!  (The full kit includes each of these individual pieces- so if you purchase them individually you will have the full kit)

Pick up the alpha...

the elements...

and/or the paper pack...
 one buck each!

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