Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Party Month

March is crazy for us.  We have a birthday to celebrate every couple days- we are quite the party animals this month lol.  I forgot to bring my camera to the one on Sunday, but I snapped a few pics at the one on Saturday.  Here is one of my little boy who is 21 months old today.  He is playing in a child's bedroom with the "big kids."

He is learning how to smile on command.  When I say "can I take your picture" he will turn and smile for me.  Sometimes his smiles aren't always authentic (he has the "cheese" down really well lol).  This is opposite for my older boy.  He turns the other way or makes a silly face when I want to take his picture.  I want to remember this moment because it is the first time my "baby" disappeared into the host child's bedroom to play with the big kids.  Every time I checked on him he was thoroughly entertained. He doesn't act like a baby anymore.  He can play out of my eye sight with his older brother and  the big kids.

Are you remembering your camera when you go to parties at other people's houses?  Don't forget to bring it so you can document all the fun moments (big and small).  It may not seem important now, but I bet you will appreciate it years down the road when you can look back at these moments and realize they will be unforgettable because you tossed a camera in your purse.

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