Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Download at GingerScraps

You'll have to go to the GingerScraps blog for the daily download (the above image is linked to the blog) Don't miss a day :)
(Each download link will be up for about five days, so the link from day one will expire somewhere around the fifth, and the 2nd download will disappear somewhere around the 6th etc. If you forget to log on for a day you won't be out of luck.  However you'll want to check in to get your download to ensure you get the whole fabulous kit).
Here is a page by Roxana to entice you to download this kit...     :)

Isn't is beautiful! I've had the awesome  privilege of seeing all kinds of gorgeous pages coming from this kit.  I want to see the great pages you will make with this kit too!

You will want to collect all the pieces to this kit during February's daily download.  You can always wait until March and buy it from the GS shop, but if you'd like it for free you can get it one day at a time FREE.

Happy downloading!!


  1. Thankk you so much, this is gorgeous!

  2. This is gorgeous but I can't find the download link. :(

  3. Love the page! I'm like Ariadne/Janet, I can't seem to find the download link to the daily download either. Anyone else?

  4. The daily download is actually on the GingerScraps blog. The image in the post is linked and will take you right there. You'll love the kit!