Sunday, July 26, 2009

Battle of the Creative Teams!

Have you had the chance to check out the Battle of the Creative Teams at I highly encourage any scrapper to head over there and take some time to explore the layouts. Round 2 is currently coming to an end tonight, so head over and take look at round one and two- DSA Battle of the CT's

Sarah Bennett's creative team (the designer I am lucky enough to create for) has a team playing along in the BOTCT and we have five really great scrappers- Becca, Amylee, Meggan, Megan, and Li. They have been producing some stunning pages. Round 2's theme was "I got rhythm," where the layouts have to be inspired by a song lyric. Katie, Erin, and Erica who are also on Sarah Bennett's creative team are also playing in BOTCT, but they are playing for their other designer's teams. They do really awesome work too.

Don't forget to vote for the team that does the best job interpreting the theme/did the best layouts-- which of course will be the Bennett Babe's. ;-) Take some time and go vote for them :)

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