Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19 Finding Inspiration

Hi Unforgettable Readers, this is Kim, and I am excited to be making my first post here on Amy's blog! :) Today I want to talk with you about using song lyrics on your pages. When words escape you, or when you have a favorite song with a sentiment that has to be remembered, then it's time to grab some lyrics! I love to use song titles as page titles and lyrics in place of journaling. This is especially true for lovey dovey pages of me and my hubby using "our" songs, and pages about my son with emotional songs that make me cry every time I hear them! There are lots of lyrics websites out there, so think about your favorite songs and how you can incorporate them on a page. You can even just scrap ABOUT your favorite songs! I have done a page with our wedding song lyrics surrounding a picture from our wedding, and a photoless page with all the bedtime songs that I used to sing with my son. As he has grown up, his bedtime routine has changed a bit, and now we read instead of singing the whole "ni-night" lineup, so I am really glad I took the time to scrap that back then.

Here is a page I made with Amy's new An Autumn Afternoon Kit and her Clippables V1. I love this picture of my son making a heart with his hands, and the song, "You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan was just perfect for me to use. That is one of the first songs I sang to Aaron when he was a tiny little guy and also one of the first songs he learned the words to. I still can't listen to it without getting choked up.

If you give this technique a try, we would love to see what you come up with. Please link us up here in the comments to this post so we can see your creations.
If you like the supplies I used to make this page, check them out in Amy's store!

That's one way I find inspiration for my pages, and I hope it helps you too!

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