Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Day To Party In Our Backyard

All Good things must come to an end.  I'm kind of sad that the party is over after today. I have had a great time hanging out with all of you.
We hope you enjoyed the Backyard Blog Party as much as we did.  I would like to personally invite you to drop by any time!  We always have a fun time around here! 

I'll be back with the name of the winner to the $20 gift certificate drawing from the guessing game we played earlier in the party!  I wanted to present it in this post, but yesterday was a crazy day, and today I am on my way to start another busy day.  I'll be back later to post who the lucky person is! 

EDIT: The random drawing winner of the $20 gift certificate to my shop is Dolores!  Congratulations Dolores and thanks so much for playing along!

To end this party we are giving away the alpha from An Autumn Afternoon.  If you were here for the whole party you probably picked up all the pieces of the kit for free.  If you have the whole kit this is what you will have...

If you missed any of pieces I'd like to give you a special opportunity to purchase the pieces you missed for only $1.

Image size: 600x600, 130.248Kb
Image type: JPEG

Image size: 300x300, 176.411Kb
Image type: PNG

Image size: 300x300, 198.897Kb
Image type: PNG
And now on to the alpha that I am going to give you as a free gift just for you!

Click HERE to find the alpha hidden in my shop
(make sure you are registered for the site and are logged in)
add the product to your cart
use the coupon code below
and ENJOY!!

Coupon Code: YayForAlpha_aaa
Expires: 10/1/11

We enjoyed getting to know you better!  Come back soon!


  1. Thanks again Amy, for the wonderful Freebies!!! I missed a couple of things that I'll have to go purchase to complete this BEAUTIFUL Kit!!!

    I've had a great time at your Backyard Blog Party and appreciate your being so generous with your talents and hard work.

  2. LOVE the alpha!! (and the rest of the kit too!)
    Enjoyed the party - thanks

  3. Thanks so much! Great kit/alpha!

  4. The coupon code isn't working for me. Boo hoo. I've appreciated all that you have shared. Thanks so much.

  5. Make sure you are registered for the site, and logged in. I just tested the code and it works, but users do need to be logged in. I hope you get to snag up the alpha soon! :)

  6. Thank you so much for this kit - it's been fun to collect!