Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are you signed up?

I'm going to be launching my very first newsletter on THURSDAY!  Eeeeeek!  I'm REALLY excited!  Yay for  being able to communicate with you in this way.  I'm so excited about my newsletter that I have a fabulous free gift for those who get my very first newsletter!  I stared out thinking I would just give an alpha, then maybe a mini-kit, but the more excited I got the more my gift to you grew.  Check out what you'll be getting if you subscribe before Thrursday.  Sign up on the right hand side ------->

 The Unforgettables, my CT, has been having fun with "Coffee With Friends."  I'll show you some of their eye candy layouts in the newsletter!  Hopefully I'll see you soon over in your inbox via my newsletter! 


  1. What a great kit. I can't wait to get your first newsletter!

  2. Such a fun kit-I signed up. Congrats!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for making such a beautiful kit available as a freebie! :) I can't wait to get started with it. Sharing coffee with a friend (or daughter) is one of my favorite things to do. I love the colors you chose for this, too.