Friday, May 20, 2011

Caution: Template Freak

I'm not sure if I have ever told you how crazy I am about templates!  I just LOVE them.  I love using them.  Some people think that they are confining because the page is already done, but if you think about the versatility it is amazing.  You can flip them, rotate them, move things around....  You can take the basic template sketch/concept and take off and let your creativity fly!  I like resizing groups of things within the template.  Mmm so fun!  More than using them for my scraping I LOVE making them.  It makes me so happy to put out a new template pack.  I get really giddy lol.  So this week you cannot even imagine my joy!  I have not one, not two, BUT THREE new template  packs coming out!  Woo hooooo!  At the very bottom of this post I will put a crazy-good coupon code here JUST for you my sweetie pie blog reader so you can go and pick up any of my new templates at a fantastic discount!

The first template pack I want to show is...
The Small But Mighty Template Pack

Not all layouts need huge photos. In fact often times people are surprised how huge their photos look when they get their layouts back from the printer. Small photos make a great statement on a page. When you don't need all the details of a large photo on your layout then you need this template pack.  The Small But Mighty Template Pack is about your photos but it is also about making your memories, scrapbook page, into a work of art.


Using I Run by Key Of D Design

Katie and I got a new Team member named Donna, and this is her first layout for us...
Using I Run by Key Of D Design

Next up is a little companion to the first one...
Livin' Large Template Pack

If you need your photos to take center stage on your scrapbook page and you like the photo big, then the Livin' Large template pack is just what you need! Sometimes the subject of your layouts is large and in charge and it is difficult to find templates with the right size for those larger than life photos!

 Layout by Dana using What A Wonderful Day by Unforgettable Moments

Layout by Roxana using Thoughts Of You by Unforgettable Moments

And now last but not least is... 
My award winning Timeline Template Pack
I was inspired to make this pack because of the timelines that were being made in the MSA Celebrate Life School Days challenge (hosted at 9th&B).  I could not think of one single timeline template in digi-land, and so I got right to work and made some.  The challenge was over on Sunday, but now you can make your very own timeline layout and the hard part has already been done for you! 

Roxana from the Unforgettable Team used used one of my timeline templates to participate in the timeline challenge for the MSA Celebrate Life festivities, and her gorgeous work was spotted right away!  Her amazing layout was chosen for one of the Gallery Stand Outs over at 9th&B!  She used the School Days collab being offered free at MSA.

Here is her amazing layout...
Congrats on the GSO Roxana!

I got a little good news of my own.  The layout I made for the challenge using the Timeline Templates won the challenge sponsored by 9th&B at MSA.  Check it out HERE.  Here is my layout that won using the MSA Celebrate Life: School Days collab and my Timeline Templates:
So the Timeline Templates are truly award winning templates!

Here are a few more made by the Gingerbread Girls GS site CT


Here are some coupons just for my blog readers- an extra 30% off each pack (expires May 31).  If you use the coupons this weekend you will receive an extra 25% off because they will be automatically discounted 25% for the Fresh Baked new release discount and the 30% I am offering you.  :)

Small But Mighty Templates: SmallMighty_Temp
Livin' Large Templates: LivingLargeTemps
Timeline Templates: TimelineTemps30

You are welcome to use all three coupons if you wish!  You will just need to do three separate orders in order to use each one.  You can find the links above.

I hope you have some awesome plans this weekend!  I hope you have something unforgettable in your near future!

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