Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 on 10/10/10 for 10! You won't believe this!

I am amazed at this deal!
Gingerscraps is having a special deal for today's special date!  You can get 10 products for $10.... yep that is one dollar per product.  Most of the designers including myself contributed a full sized kit.  This isn't just measly products.  These are awesome goodies!  What a great deal!  You will have enough scrap stuff until 11/11/11! LOL!  There are two different bundles for you to choose from (or select them both) each with 10 products in them.  Whenever you spend $10 in the GS shop you will have the opportunity to get the collab for $1, so not only will you get 10 products (or 20 if you buy them both) you will get the chance to purchase the Good Morning Collab for one buck!  This just makes my head spin! LOL!

Here is the preview for bundle one

Here is the preview for bundle two

and here is the Good Morning Collab preview (you qualify to get this for $1 if you spend $10 in the shop)

I love those yummy elements
Go visit Gingerscraps and check out this awesome opportunity!

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