Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lots to celebrate...POST #100! My baby turns one year old! A free Template

Hello my blogging world friends.  I noticed not long ago that I was on post #99, so that means that this post will be my one hundredth blog post.  Yipee.  Since you have all endured all my wordy ways I am going to say thanks by giving you a free template!  You can find the template at the bottom of this post.  First I want to tell you something.

See this sweet baby?
He is my youngest.  He just turned one year old yesterday.  I don't know where the time went.  How can it be one year already?!!
How did I go from this... (about 10 hours before he was born)
To This...   (one day old)

and now to this...

It has been one sweet year with him!  He has definitely been a blessing!

I found some really cute photos of him that I took a few months ago. He was wearing a onesie that said "Howdy Partner," so I gave him a cowboy hat and grabbed the camera.

I found a really cool kit at GingerScraps called Buckaroo Blues by Teri's Thing-o-My Jigs Designs . It had the right amount of grunge and the right amount of cute to be a great fit for my photos

Here is the layout I scrapped
He is definitely Mommy's Little Cowboy!  LOL!

Ok on to the free template...
Here is the preview of the template I made for you

It was based on this layout

Simple Remembrance by Charlize Creations (FPD Guest)
Foliage from Lush by Siamese Studio
Baking Cookies Paper Pack by Michelle Batton (great card stock!)
Alpha from May Playgroup Alpha by Jennilyn Designs

I made that layout for a challenge at FPD about layering on papers in a layout.  If you like the layered paper look than you will probably like that template.  I included a PNG file and a TIFF file in the download as well as the PSD!  Everyone should be able to play with this one!  When you leave your comment let me know what file you prefer.  PLEASE leave a comment here on my blog if you take the template.  I'd prefer a comment here over one on 4shared.  When I read your comments it seriously makes me want to get working on something else to give away, so know even the littlest of thanks goes a long way.

Click HERE to download the template

Anyway thanks for hanging in there with me for 100 posts!  Enjoy the template!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful template. Love all the layers.

  2. I love the layout! Thanks for the template!!

  3. Thank you so much for the template, love the page you based it on!